Woody Johnson

Business Development Officer

Woody is the son of the firm's founder and owner, Linwood Johnson, and is being groomed to take over company operations in the future. Woody specializes in tax returns and client relationships. His golf game is impeccable and his mind thinks best in terms of numbers and only the shrewdest of logic.

The son of the owner and founder of the company, Linwood Johnson, Woody is being groomed to take over the business in the future. He has completed the necessary educational requirements as of 2016 and has begun to take a more prominent role in the company.

Woody specializes in client relationships, and tax returns. His father has instilled in him the value of doing patient and meaningful work. Growing up, Woody was known to have a shrewd mind for numbers by all of his friends. He knew what compound interest was before most could tell you the definition of a GPA.

Woody grew up in Raleigh, attending Broughton high school, where he excelled as a member of the golf team. Upon graduation in 2012 he pursued golf into his collegiate career at a local state institution, where he also pursued his accounting studies. Woody has planned and prepared for his professional career in the bookkeeping company his entire life. He has consistently proven himself as a capable member of the Raleigh Bookkeeping team and his client reviews are top notch.

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