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We are pros at QuickBooks. Let’s start there. When the owner and operator of Raleigh Bookkeeping, Linwood Johnson, launched his business in 1999, the world was a different place. Computers were just starting to become a common site to see in local small businesses. And bookkeeping was not commonly done using computer software. But fast forward 17 years, and we live in a day and age where all bookkeeping is done using a program called QuickBooks.

The team here at Raleigh Bookkeeping has always gone out of its way to ensure its methods are keeping up with the times. Our founder Linwood is computer savvy, and his son Woody was raised on QuickBooks so he knows the program better than Intuit. Many of our clients here at Raleigh Bookkeeping hire us initially just to set up QuickBooks; like we always say, there isn’t a job too big or too small.

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