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The year is 1999, and Linwood Johnson is crouched over his desk at roughly 2am one night in October. His perch is in the attic of his family home. Beneath him his 2 young children sleep peacefully in preparation for a fun filled Saturday with dad the following day. Woody, 6, is an aspiring PGA golfer, who dreams of green jackets. Danielle, at the adorable age of 3, is toeing the line between princess of the universe and aspiring Disney channel star. Linwood walks by their rooms a couple times each night to hear the light breathing of his children.

Linwood runs the sales floor at Belk by day; a master in the art of retail. By night: he is a bookkeeper, crunching tax returns and preparing quarterlies of his small, but growing, client base. The attic is quite roomy, but he quickly realizes a business needs an office.

The year is 2005, and Linwood has made progress. The address of 3901 Barrett Drive, in Raleigh, is now home to Linwood’s Books! Linwood gets to the office at 8am each morning, right after dropping the kids off at school. He is no longer pulling commissions at Belk, but rather, he is his own boss. Linwood’s Books has evolved from an attic based business that runs at night, to a bona fied bookkeeping firm with dozens of clients.

Linwood now handles tax returns, manages the books of multiple businesses on a daily basis, and has hired an employee. The best part is…he’s the boss. This means Linwood can take an hour off of work each day and pick up the kids from school. The trio then returns to the office where Linwood can help with homework, and run his business.

The year is 2008, Woody has started to show real promise when it comes to numbers. At the tender age of 14, he is able to do tax returns without any help. Linwood has to check over them of course. It appears the business will be family-run in the near future.

Linwood implements the policy that he will be home from the office each day by 5pm exactly, in order to spend more time with his kids.

Business is good. His firm has started to develop a very positive reputation across Raleigh. The care and perfection he always applied to his work is paying off in the long term.

The year is 2013, and Linwood is engaged to be married to the lovely Kimberly. He is able to look back at the last 14 years of successful business practice and know that his business will remain strong. Woody has graduated high school and moved on to pursue degrees in accounting, and Danielle is primed to leave for East Carolina University the coming fall.

It’s time to put an addition onto Linwood’s Raleigh home, a wonderful ranch on Vick in the heart of the city. His bride to be is to live with him, and she’s bringing her 3 kids!! More space required!

The business has a total of 5 people working for it, including Woody. Linwood is proud to be able to use his business to offer gainful employment to those who work for him.

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